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Our goal: To support and assist the Ukrainian church in evangelism, church planting and leadership training.

Ministry Purpose: To support and assist Church planting & leadership training in Ukraine

Village Medical Evangelism

Many people will not admit spiritual need until they are sick and vulnerable.  A Christian doctor or nurse has unique openings to share the gospel with their patients. The medical ministry here in Ukraine provides opportunities for one on one evangelism and discipleship as well as opportunities for coming alongside our Ukrainian partners to encourage and assist them in their evangelistic, discipleship & church planting efforts.


Choose Life -Prolife ministry

During soviet times it was estimated that each woman in Ukraine had an average of 7 abortions. According to official statistics there are still at least 500 abortions daily. God burdened the hearts of a number of Ukrainians as well as several missionaries to work together to establish an ongoing Pro-Life Ministry and pregnancy care center "Women's Center" in Odesa, Ukraine. This ministry provides help with post abortion healing, help for those facing crisis pregnancies, and abstinence education for youth.



Holly Friesen, FNP
Medical Ministry Director
Choose Life President

Dr. Miriam Wheeler
Ministry Founder/Advisor

The ABWE Ukraine medical ministry was pioneered by Dr. Miriam Wheeler, a family physician who arrived in Odesa in August of 1998. In June 2019, Dr. Wheeler transitioned to serving as the Medical Director for all of ABWE at our International Headquarters in the Harrisburg, PA area. She continues to visit Ukraine on short term trips as she is able and is on the advisory board of Choose Life.

Holly Friesen, family nurse practitioner, arrived in January 2010. In June 2019, she became the Director of the Ukraine medical ministry and the President of Choose Life.

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